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Giving to Penn from the United Kingdom


Nearly 6,500 Penn alumni, parents, and friends represent the Red and Blue across the United Kingdom. The University of Pennyslvania (USA) Foundation (hereafter "the UK Foundation")  is an independent, registered charity in the United Kingdom that, as part of its mission, contributes support for educational and institutional initiatives at the University of Pennsylvania. For UK taxpayers, as well as US taxpayers who pay UK tax, a gift to the UK Foundation may be eligible for Gift Aid that increases its worth by 25% - at no extra cost to you! 

Explore the tables below to learn more:

There are many ways for United Kingdom taxpayers to make gifts to the UK Foundation. Follow the links below to begin making your gift.

You can easily give online by using a credit card. When you enter a UK address, you will be able to make a gift by way of the UK Foundation in British Pounds or US dollars. It will also ask you if you want to claim Gift Aid. If you agree, our UK Foundation will claim the Gift Aid on your behalf. To begin, simply visit Giving To Penn.  

If you choose to give by check, money order, or bank draft, please make your gift payable to The University of Pennsylvania (USA) Foundation, Ltd. Gifts are accepted in both Sterling and US dollars.


Mail your gift to:

University of Pennsylvania (USA) Foundation Ltd.

c/o Eileen Flood
19 Norcott Road 
London N16 7EJ

tel: +44 (20) 7502 2813


With your gift, please include:

  • Your contact information 
  • Your name as you'd like it listed for recognition purposes
  • Amount of your gift
  • Penn program(s) you'd like your gift to support

You can also make a gift to The University of Pennsylvania (USA) Foundation, Ltd. by wire transfer. Donations are accepted in sterling or US Dollars. The wiring instructions are as follows: 


University of Pennsylvania (USA) Foundation Limited

Bank Account Details


Sterling account:

HSBC, 90 Baker Street, London W1U 6AX
Account Name: University of Pennsylvania (USA) Foundation Limited
Sort Code: 40-06-09
Account No. 31474049
IBAN: GB24HBUK40060931474049


Dollar Account:

HSBC Bank, 8 Canada Square, London E14 5HQ
Account Name: University of Pennsylvania (USA) Foundation Limited
Account No. 60097616
Sort Code: 40-12-76
IBAN: GB17 HBUK 4012 7660 0976 16


*In the wire reference, please include your name and contact information.

You can sell shares and give the proceeds to the UK Foundation.  The proceeds can be increased by 25% with Gift Aid.


Alternatively, you can give your shares directly to the UK Foundation, but your shares will need to be HMRC-qualifying shares.


Giving shares is highly tax-effective as donors get full UK tax relief on any capital gains tax and also can claim income tax relief on the fair market value of the shares.


To get started, contact your broker to initiate the transfer and then, download the UK Foundation Securities Transfer Form. and either fax, mail, or email a copy to:

Jean Suta

2929 Walnut Street, Suite 300

Philadelphia, PA 19104-5099

Telephone: (215) 898-7254

Fax: (215) 573-5118


*Please note, the importance of including your name and contact information so that we are able to match the stock transfer to your gift intention.


Leaving a legacy through charitable giving creates a lasting impact on generations. The UK Foundation can help you realize your legacy via support of Penn’s educational and institutional missions. Your support of Penn as part of your legacy creates a lasting impact on generations and entitles you to membership in the Harrison Society


For UK taxpayers, leaving a charitable legacy in your will can reduce the UK inheritance tax that has to be paid on your estate.


There is also an additional incentive for people to leave at least 10% of their net estate to charity, as they will pay a reduced rate of inheritance tax on the remainder of the estate.


Let us help you realize your legacy, today. Penn's Gift Planning office can help you better understand how a gift to the UK Foundation can impact life and learning at Penn. Visit the Gift Planning website or contact us directly at

The UK Foundation maintains an offshore account to enable UK taxpayers to use offshore funds to make a gift.  These funds qualify for Gift Aid tax relief, as long as you have paid UK tax up to the amount being claimed.


For more information please contact our UK Foundation administrator, Eileen Flood.

Your employer may offer a matching giving scheme, where they will match gifts made by their employees—resulting in your gift being worth even more to Penn.


In many cases, participating companies will match an employee’s donation pound for pound up to a set amount; some will even double-match. 


Please review the form below and contact your Human Resources department to inquire.  If your employer does offer such a scheme, send any necessary forms to the University of Pennyslvania (USA) Foundation, Ltd. for processing.


University of Pennsylvania (USA) Foundation Ltd.

c/o Eileen Flood
19 Norcott Road 
London N16 7EJ
+44 (20) 7502 2813

If your UK employer has a payroll giving scheme, you can give directly to Penn from your pay before tax is deducted. 


You get tax relief at your highest rate of tax, so giving £1 would cost a basic rate UK taxpayer only 80p.

Gift Aid is a UK tax incentive that enables Penn to reclaim the basic rate of tax on your gift at no extra cost to you. 


Gift Aid gives you an extra 25p for every £1 you give—increasing the value of your gift by 25%. This means that a £100 gift with Gift Aid is worth £125 to Penn.  

To qualify for Gift Aid, you must have paid U.K. Income or Capital Gains Tax equivalent to the amount of Gift Aid on all your donations that tax year.  You may claim Gift Aid on gifts made to the U.K. Foundation from the last 4 years.


Gifts can be made by check, credit card, or wire transfer.


Gifts of stock are not eligible for Gift Aid; nor are gifts received from companies, foundations, or payroll deduction. However, the foundation can still accept such gifts and companies may make a saving on corporation tax by treating the gift as an allowable expense.


The process is simple. Eligible individuals can opt to claim Gift Aid while making their gift online or by filling out our Gift Aid Declaration form and returning it to the UK Foundation administrator, Eileen Flood, at  

Use the calculator below to see how Gift Aid can benefit your donation. 

The Foundation’s charitable status is recognized by the UK Charity Commission for England and Wales, as well as the US Internal Revenue Service. 


To help you understand the tax benefits available with the UK Foundation, we’ve summarized them in the links below; however, we also recommend you consult with your advisors as appropriate.

The UK Foundation is dual qualified, meaning US taxpayers can also deduct their gift, as well as their Gift Aid value, for their US tax purposes.  In addition to a UK gift receipt, donors will receive a US receipt for the amount of the initial gift, and an additional US receipt for the Gift Aid amount. 

If you’re a higher-rate UK taxpayer and complete a Self-Assessment tax return form, you can also claim back the difference between higher-rate and basic-rate tax on the value of your donation.   

The remittance basis charge is treated as tax for the purposes of Gift Aid.  Non-domiciled donors paying this charge may make a donation to the UK Foundation, and depending on the gift amount, the Foundation may be able to reclaim the whole remittance basis charge, thereby increasing the overall gift received. 


You may claim additional tax relief as a higher-rate taxpayer if you have paid additional UK tax.

Once you make a gift to the UK Foundation, The University of Pennsylvania (USA) Foundation, Ltd., you will receive receipts for UK and US tax purposes as well as a receipt for claimed Gift Aid. 


If you need a copy of your receipt, please contact Muriel Mills.

Contact Eileen Flood at the University of Pennsylvania (USA) Foundation, Ltd:


University of Pennsylvania (USA) Foundation Ltd.

c/o Eileen Flood
19 Norcott Road 
London N16 7EJ
tel: +44 (20) 7502-2813


University of Pennsylvania (USA) Foundation Ltd. 

19 Norcott Road | London N16 7EJ | United Kingdom

Registered Charity Number: 1094561

Company Registration Number: 4395455